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Grill Magnet

Grill Magnets are used to remove iron contaminants front free flow materials. Our grill magnets are available with compact design and with many sizes, shapes and configurations. We offer round, square and rectangular shapes. We make use of rare earth magnets and ferrite magnets for the grill magnets. For more precise operations, to remove very fine contaminants we offer grill magnets with neodymium iron boron magnets.

Grill Magnet Manufacturer

Grill Magnet Manufacturer

Generally it is used to protect precious equipments. To remove very fine particle from the material flow, grill magnet is used. Commonly it is used for free flowing, powdery material. We offer different size of grill magnets used for so many industrial applications. Its simple design is convenient to fit on closed chute, hoppers, floor opening, catch bins and many more apparatuses.

Magnetic Equipments

Magnetic Equipments Ahmedabad
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