Electro Magnetic Drum Separator

Electro Magnetic Drum Separator Manufacturer

Being leading manufacturer and exporter of magnetic and Electro Magnetic Equipments, we provide qualitative range of instruments that contain large variation of sizes and shapes. We offer reliable range of electromagnetic equipments with various configurations and also precise customization.

Our Electro Magnetic drum Separators are available with single, double and multistage separator. It is provided with strong magnets fixed in the enclosed body. It is provided with modular coil.

It is also provided with easy cleaning facility. To enhance service life of the drum shell, it is provided with replaceable wear covers.We use high grade structural material for the production of the electromagnetic drum separators. We also offer single, double and multistage separators. It is used for automatic separation of magnetisable particles. It contains dust free, totally enclosed body. It is used in many industrial applications. Our electro magnetic drum separator is available with different sizes, shapes and configurations. It is also provided with the biggest drum size.