Plate Magnet Manufacturer

Magnetic Plate Supplier

Plate Magnets are cheap form of magnetic protection against occasional tramp iron contamination. The Plate Magnets can be used in a wide range of industries and are generally installed within a chute or over a conveyor. The Linux range of Plate Magnets is constructed from a magnetic stainless steel casing, which utilizes projected magnetic stainless steel poles for an enhanced field intensity.

Magnetic Plates can be produced with either a strontium ferrite or a high-intensity neodymium iron boron magnet system. The additional strong rare earth solution is advised for removing much fine iron particles from powders and foodstuffs.

To derive metal from deeper load and increased capacity charge Master Magnets can also supply a dual deep field separator. All Plate Magnets are virtually service free, offering a long service life not affected by wet conditions.

Magnetic Plate in India

We offer different kinds of plate magnets that are used in various industrial applications. In order to remove iron particles from food items, oil seeds, plastic, fertilizer and paper and pulp and many more kinds of products. Ferrous contaminants can make harmful effect to inline machineries and also affect the quality of product. So our plate magnets are used to eliminate such contaminants from the material. It is also used in industries like textiles, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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