Over Band Magnetic Separator

Over Band Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

Over band magnetic separators are mainly used to prevent damage to precious machineries from abrasive ferrous bits and nails. It efficiently removes such contaminants from material. The material subject to be recycled contains much quantity of contaminants and that possibly harm the machines used for recycling. Over band magnetic separators are also used for many kinds of machineries. It is used for shredders and crushers. Two different U-section pieces are arranged by the bearings.

Over Band Magnetic Separator India

It contains electric motor and geared motor. Reduction gear is provided to drive the vee-belt.Magnets are made from stroncium ferrite to offer high gradient magnetic field. A non magnetic plate is used to cover magnetic pole. These highly efficient over band magnetic separators improve quality of the end product and enhance service life of the instruments. It is used in cement industries, domestic waste cycle, food processing, coal mines, plastic recycling and foundries. Over band magnetic separators are fixed over the vibratory feeders or else where the material is passing for relevant procedure. It contains high magnetic field. All harmful impurities are dragged out by the strong magnets.

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