Magnetic Drum Separator Manufacturer

Magnetic Separators Supplier

Magnetic Drum Separator from Linux are presented in a variety of plans. Whether your product is gravity fed through pipes and chutes, lightly conveyed on conveyors and/or pumped through pipelines, Linux has the magnetic separation solution. Resources such as scale, nails, rust, bolts, welding rods and other contaminants are no match for Linux Magnetic Separators.

We are accepted manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of magnetic separators used in so many industrial as well as domestic applications. We offer best quality magnetic separators constructed used high grade material.

Single Drum Magnetic Separator

Single drum magnetic separators contain totally enclosed design that help to eliminate pollution and dusting. Our separators are available with high density and medium density of magnets. It provide high magnetic field and with that effectively captures almost ferrous contaminants. It is used for many products like minerals, chemicals, grains and many more. Isotropic permanent magnets are used for the proper separators.

Double Drum Magnetic Separators

To attain highly accurate results, double drum magnetic separators are used. In magnetic drum separator material is passed through drum for twice. At the end of the drum high intensity magnets are placed. Ferrite magnets and stationary permanent, magnets are used for the operations.

Multi Stage Drum Separator

Multi stage drum separators are used to remove very fine contaminants. We offer reliable range of multi stage drum separator that is available with various size, shape and configuration. We provide different width range of 300 mm to 2500 mm. our multi stage drum separators are used for large quantity of material. In order to obtain pure end product, material is passed through the drum for thrice or more time.